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Cardano Bridge Supported Native Assets

This section refers to assets to move between Milkomeda and Cardano. There is a bigger amount of assets currently supported in Milkomeda.
This section presents all native tokens supported by the Milkomeda Bridge to Cardano. To wrap and unwrap any supported native asset follow the step-by-step tutorial presented in For End Users section by replacing milkADA with any token from the table below.
Please, remember that the specific native asset must be added to Milkomeda Token Registry before it can be used in any of the wrapping or unwrapping operations. Hence, the list is finite and allows only for specific native tokens.
List of supported Milkomeda Native Assets:
When using Milkomeda Cardano Unwrap Bridge for unwrapping a specific native asset, select it from the drop-down list as shown below:
After selecting a desired native asset, you can always check its description (e.g. The utility token powering the MuesliSwap ecosystem when choosing the MILK token)