Nicolas Arqueros (Cofounder - CEO)

Former CTO and Partner @ Emurgo & Board member at the Cardano Foundation. Senior Software Engineer for multiple startups in Silicon Valley.
Product Owner of Yoroi Wallet for Cardano. Over 500k users and securing over 8 billion usd as a non-custodial wallet.

Sebastien Guillemot (Cofounder - CTO)

Former VP of Engineering @ Emurgo. Former Engineer @ Microsoft Developed the most used Cardano library in the ecosystem. Even Coinbase is using it to provide ADA support.

Robert Kornacki (Cofounder - CSO)

Former Head of Research @ Emurgo. Board Member at the Ergo Foundation.
In charge of developing the Ergo ecosystem (Oracles, dApp frameworks, and a Stablecoin). Ergo marketcap went from 10M to over 150M.
Nicolas Di Prima (Lead Engineer)
Former lead developer of Jormungandr (Cardano's first PoS implementation in Rust) @ IOHK.
Developed several cryptographic components of the Cardano wallets and nodes.